Saturday, July 14, 2001

Stardate 55013.0
This constant connection to the starfleet subspace net is very nice. If you get the chance to get one do it. Wireless or wired it's much nicer than the interruptable style we used to have (56k). Unless you've been in another quadrant, you probably have heard that Starfleet R&D is looking back through the old logs of the original Starfleet Starship... Enterprise to rediscover how important that part of history was. I encourage all to log on to the video archives and study them thoroughly once they are made publicly available in October on UPN. I am making it required study for my crew.

Captain out...

Monday, July 09, 2001

Stardate 55008.7
Good news! The USS Orion has been upgraded to use a wireless connection to the subspace network. In 20th century terms it is a 256k wireless always on connection using Lucent Orinoco wireless LAN cards. Much better that the previous dial up. Expect the Captain to be in more often now.

Sunday, July 08, 2001

Stardate 55007.6
Well, here we are in a new Staryear. The USS Orion is in a new home on Freewebsites because of the problems with Crosswinds. Anyway enough with that. As you can see we have a new Log system in place thanks to our good friends at Blogger. I will be able to keep more accurate logs this way. I encourage you to beam up often and see how things are going here on the USS Orion. Also the change for our free email service is in effect. Users who sign up now can get an email address! to get one yourself goto or click "Email" above. If you had been using our free email service, your address has changed from to That's all for now. Live Long and Prosper.

Zimmerli out...
Stardate 54951.5
Lot's of news to report. First of all, My wife and I had a baby girl on April 28th. Second, I'm continuing improvements to the gig. I have added Master Situation Monitor and Navigation/engineering displays and the KIA-MIA listing. Headline news has changed and USSORION mail will soon be instead of Stay tuned for further updates.
Stardate 54820.9
Welcome to the long awaited Flash enhanced Captain's Gig. I am very excited to announce this. The flash enhancements allow you to do more without taking up too much desktop real estate. The personnel section is updated and expanded, organized by first letter of the last n ame. Content provided by . The search section has been streamlined to use The Captain's Gig search engine and UPS package tracking only. You'll notice there are fewer annoyances as well. I've removed the CometCursor popups and the user login prompts which were certainly annoying me. Stay tuned for further updates.