Sunday, September 30, 2001

Stardate 55089.8
Much good news! I have switched the server over to my ISP's server because the popup ads were very obtrusive at freewebsites. Sorry about that. I have said before that the new version of the Cronometer... CronoXP would be released coniciding with the release of Microsoft Windows XP. That will release at the end of October. I have instead decided that since XP is now available on new computers and being that I have CronoXP done, I will be posting very soon the new CronoXP on the captain's gig website at If you have used my program in the past, I apologize. All kidding aside, this looks to be the best yet. It will work on almost all versions of windows. I have tested it with WindowsXP and Millennium and it works on both. If you are unable to use it on any other versions made after and including Win95, please let me know.

Captain out...