Friday, December 28, 2001

Stardate 55177.9
Thanks to the new home of The Captain's Gig, I have been able to create a simple, web enabled way of sending the latest Captain's Log entry to the crew so that they may read it in their inbox instead of having to come to the site to see it. I want to encourage those receiving that newsletter to stop in to the Captain's Gig at from time to time and see how things are doing. I am frequently available to chat about all things Star Trek in the COMM section of the website and there are various "cool" things relating to Star Trek that can be accessed from the site. I strive to make the USS Orion LCARS as real looking as possible. If you have any questions or comments on how I can improve, your email is always welcome at If you want to join the crew, email me at the previous address and ask to join the crew. I will add you to the list and you will be sent all log entrys. Likewise, if you are receiving the newsletter and wish to discontinue, email me and ask to be removed. I have always believed (as does my new web host) that SPAM and Ads only turn people off to the internet and that's why we are committed to bringing you what you want, no ads on the site and we won't send you unwanted email.

Captain out...