Friday, November 27, 2009

Stardate 63372
The voyages of the USS Orion continue... After an extensive charting mission which took the ship to the outer reaches of Federation territory, the Orion is back at Starbase for some much needed maintenance and shore leave for the crew. The ship has performed exceptionally. As such, our layover at the Starbase will be brief, just time enough to dump the research into memory alpha and do some minor system upgrades. I've taken the time recently to bring myself up to speed on the goings on across the border in Romulan territory. It is regrettable that ambassador Spock was unable to prevent the destruction of Romulus. After all the hard work Will and the Titan put in, to have things crumble so quickly. It's also regrettable that the Federation has lost one of its prime ambassadors. Science teams are working on analyzing what happened and there is a temporary moratorium on red matter use. It is believed that a Romulan mining vessel was also lost however the data is still inconclusive.